BEST brazilian "pastéis" in the us

hand made & made to order



"composed plates can be beautiful and thought-provoking and delicious, but more often than not we end up craving street food, fried and messy and indulgent; that’s precisely what SquareFritz serves" Ben Mersirow / LAWEEKLY


"the addictive fried Brazilian pies, in Pico-Union" Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee / LATIMES


"Channel the excitement in Rio’s streets with a bite of pastel especial de feria, a fried hand pie bursting with a Brazilian-inspired medley of savory, creamy and bright flavors. Head to Squarefritz to get your hands on this punched-up version." Erin Cassin / FOODNETWORK


Located in the Pico-Union District, Squarefritz brings you the authenticity of the street food directly from Brazil.

Photos by @waltzinthestreet, @toninhokim, @eatingaroundsocal


Squarefritz opened in April of 2016 and is located between Koreatown and Downtown Los Angeles. We're so excited and proud to introduce a "Newness" of flavor to the vast extension of greatness in culinary that LA is known for. 




(213) 263-2500



1930 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006




Our location

1930 W. Olympic Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90006


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For more inquiry regarding catering, special events, place rentals, or movie shootings contact us at hello@squarefritz.com or call us at (213) 263 - 2500.

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